Baxter & Co. x Sudara Holiday Card Collaboration!

We’re excited to announce our Holiday card pack collaboration with Sudara​, a fashion brand that creates sustainable jobs for women in India who are making their way out of sex slavery. 

As female founders in New York City, our hearts are extremely passionate about the fight against sex slavery. We are convicted and outraged that these heinous crimes are happening all around us in this time in history. We cannot sit by and be silent, and therefore, it's very important for us to use all of our platforms to start a conversation regarding this issue, as it is one of our top priorities...We're honored to be working alongside Sudara and supporting these women and their pursuit of freedom, healing and building a better future. Keep reading about why we chose to work on this very special collaboration in our interview on the Sudara Blog.

Support the fight alongside with us this holiday season! Discover our very special and socially conscious holiday cards that we designed specifically for Sudara. Each design is hand illustrated and adorned with bits and pieces of their famous PUNJAMMIES™ pattern. Discover the collection on

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